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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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want to have schools of last resort as a board those schools of last resort are bad schools there's a strong principles they have issued we're working and invest in them i don't want a policy written by the board to say some schools you shouldn't go to and that was really the motivation behind this recessing resolution i welcome continuing this discussion whether or not this resolution passes tonight i think we all acknowledge there are problems a lot of things not work and it is very sad we spent a year you know my first two years basically redesigning this system and has so little impact on the outcomes so how can we fix that how can we not have students some of our most vulnerable students continuing
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to go to schools under enrolled and isolated with groups of those vulnerable students how can we change that so i want to thank everybody for that bearing with us and thank you for your willingness to engage in this discussion i hope you'll vote but even if not i welcome the conversation to continue thank you >> so more comments from the board roll call. >> thank you ms. fewer excuse me. that was on the amended by substitute motion. >> mr. haney no. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell no. >> ms. norton.
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>> mr. walton. >> no. >> ms. wynns. >> no. >> dr. murase. >> it fails. >> thank you very much next is board members proposal in support of expanding the computer sciences is a all students from pre k to 12 grade by scomplenz and myself that was moved and seconded may i have a reading of the resolution. >> whereas through xerox sfaufld asy fined didn't what it stacks our students must have learned content by critical thinking and real world thinking
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and whereas a key piece the graduate profile in the xerox is vision 2024 is the ability to navigate and garland in 12i global sovereignty in which students are multi illogical for spanish and chinese to sign language and computer science and whereas the framework includes the technology in critical areas and student support and technology and coordination and curriculum and construction all of those are equitable access to equation technology in district wide and whereas the digital literacy must exclude the familiarity with typing and whereas the services education is a broader
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framework and whereas computer science teaches trans fefshl students a driver the economic productivity and whereas non-compliance the story to me it actuals how to tackle the small problems restraining orders valuable and whereas in the coming years far more computing jordan's to fill the jobs and nationally according an estimated one million unfulfilled computer jobs and whereas the technology is the faster growing job sector accounting for overall job prts and between 2007 and 2020 and the tech industry didn't reflect the diversity of the population
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tech employment in san francisco is 76 male and 26 female and 10 percent african-american and latino and two percent african-american and latino compromise 14 percent and women 23 percent and whereas in a 2014 colleges moved in the technology sector particularly african-american and latinos often struggle in a city where technology job growth is booming and even though the majority of students will not become programmers the knowledge and skills education nevertheless are critical to understand the survives science in today's world it is fragmented for the lass lack of equalities by this
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to no ongoing science only two needle in the haystack reaches 25 percent of 6 grade students and currently on 5 percent of sfaufld are enrolled in a computer science course and high schools over one course the science computer schools the participation is limit of the nearly 10 thousand students that took one in 2010 a examine and whereas of the 2 hundred and 4 streamline students only 22 percent were female and lower for african-american whereas the off-street parking are offered for students to understanding the robotics and code and square code and innovation and whereas in partnership with the mayor ed
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lee and they've set based golds and 2016-2017 hundred percent of students will demonstrate math and grandfathered with component with 40 hours of computer science instruction and whereas the united workers seek to have teaches for skills and teach computer sciences they have partner with the organizations that have facilities and including the literacy a code mission and and others whereas on 10 percent the schools and whereas few large district have computer science so for pre k month district are priority the k - whereas sfusd
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is setting a goal for larger district to expand the computer for all students and whereas currently no national or local standards exist few schools teach it from pre k to 12 grade at such a k hey skill that didn't exist and whereas introduce the extensive the observation and teacher interviews and adoption of the teachers association standards and thorough analysis the curriculum from diverse resources they've developed their own comprehensive and sequence to have the trajectory from pre k for to prepare our kids for curriculum and therefore, be it resolved we will expand the education to all
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students from pre k to 12 grade and further be it resolved to expand computer education understanding how computers work and how to use those to solve a problem will be increasingly important for students that prepare for college it provides more programming students learn about the processes and hardware and software designs monk other important things and making sense of computers all relevant students deserve meaningful education in computer and should be held to high exceptions with the curriculum i'm going to skip ahead a little bit or if you want me to keep going be it therefore resolved pre k through 5 to have collaborative instruction to all students and
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the excitement about the problem solving and critical thinking and in calculation scribing i skipping further ahead further be it resolved the computer will be phased ♪ the 2015-2016 and further be it resolved the education including the pilots will be for the social justice and closing the gap and further be it resolved sfusd will work closely with the technology companies and other foundations in the broader community with the education plan and be it therefore resolved finally those standards will be in close partnerships are the educators and include the professional development so the teachers have credibly able to teach the services science
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>> i have one speaker card ms. casco two minutes please. >> thank you so much i really enjoyed seeing the emphasis on making sure that all students get the access to computer science education i'm discerned about the african-american students and how they'll be produce tied historically african-american students are left out of the opportunity in the district 234089 given the access essays to the course work to prepare them for college i'm excited to see the board to take a step towards is my own i want to highest the needs for african-american students that will be great to insure iuoe disenfranchised schools are able to assess those resources it didn't become another thing to a
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small how much of students but all students especially african-american students what about dreaded e tread with respect and dignity i want to put that out to consider how the african-american students will be able to take part in something like this to insure it african-american students graduate r and are career ready and public comment is closed. comments commissioner fewer and commissioner wynns. >> i have the utmost respect for whoever wrote this i don't think it is bold enough, however, i want to be bold and is i have an issue with one the things i've mentioned that before when we had it as a committee as a whole the answer
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doesn't come so i think computer science is fabulous and we should be teaching it and really commend superintendent for bringing this forward and moving it forward around computer science, however in grades pre k through 12 my question as a committee as a whole as i ask a question a couple weeks ago have we done studies open whether or not an ap class is a class what we should be offering at a 9 to 12 level or concurring in an city college choice i want to know the difference on the achievement what better prepares them for college and helps them to be entering college and
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acquit possible in their careers in computer science is it a computer course so kids can get credit at the same time, if an ap course many effective of the united states only accept three to four you don't get college credit unless our high ranking in the course my question i thought i might see an amendment around that i didn't get an answer and looking at this thing i don't see that so an ap quite frankly are expensive we pay a lot of money unless that is going to change i think that city college also could be giving our students this higher
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level of learning in computer science without the cost of us with the ap an ap actually are expensive to the students their 85 there's each and they teach to test in may i know i've had three children with multi things i've written many, many checks for ap classes some they passed and some universities didn't accept and some accident have we done something i feel have we done research open whether or not a concurrent enrollment in city college is better than an ap class and relying on this resolution just on ap without mention of concurrent combrormd with the community college and sf state many of our students that are taking those classes
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get college credit i want to make sure that the students we serve primary are students that you know qualify for reduced lunch and one less class to pay for could be thousands and thousands of dollars and a leg up in college entrance do you think with the in our judgment should we be adding on amendment that actually includes concurrent enrollment and exploring the alignment with our high school design thanks. >> superintendent carranza. >> yes. thank you dr. murase and commissioner fewer so absolutely so we've taken a look at the language and the language didn't require us to expand the ap classes but staff does an analysis i want to ask the
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interim chief academics over from our curriculum head department to please from our stem division to kind of answer that question and great so i'm here i wish bryan would be us but in new york representing san francisco at the teachers award so i'm going to turn it over to bryan for response. >> thanks so the national science foundation has done studies when we say ap computer science i don't mean the class taught in holidays there's a new course coming out that is called ap science principles that is funded primary to 9 science foundation and it's development and in its essence it's trying
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to broken twho who takes computer science if i ask our court ap science teachers is this class funded no does this attractive a lot of students no we don't want that but we want the ap principles attracting a wider array of students providing a more principles base class essentially the vufth of c s 50 rather than c s hundred released in 2017 that lions aligns with our participation goals with the dual enrollment i do that this is something to be explored this district as well as the conditional recently received the california clear paths that is a $6 million grant
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and last weeks ago week he attended the summit that talks about the disparities between city college i don't think that those are still under developed the truth is in the last year only thirty students took computer science courses through city college while they're in high school only more to be downey done there one the updates we've planning to hire a dedicated tsa that will determine what barriers exist at the high schools for expanding computer survives and working principles to add opportunities that's part of the research. >> did you sir isn't is it true teachers as a it is true we if build a foundation k through
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9 this is the first, it might be boring to them now but we don't know once we built this foundation k through 8 it might be off the carts to them in high school; right? i don't know we think an introductory place class in promise but further down the line we're looking at you know our second grader in 4 grade may be wanting a class that has to broaden their knowledge around dmurt science so i think what i've hearing there is another course you're going to be offering not an ap course still; is that correct and that's correct and it's bound but all the financial things around the ap classes you
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know i'm going to be honest that is a lot of money to have ap classes and costs the students to take the ap test it's an investment in the district and for our families which the majority of them you know qualified for free and reduced lunch so i don't know i'm suggesting again, i'm not one the authors of this resolution i'm suggesting you may want to add in exploring our the opportunity for current reinforcement enrollment with the colleagues not just city college but ap two we're looking at help that he hydra shipyard. >> we're doing this whole stem thing; right? so instead of us doing the ap classes we might
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they might be taking college courses on those different campuses or the colleague teachers maybe attentively teaching in the classroom or the teaches macro maybe having the dual ability to teach in the classed and give the continental consider this is where it is going natalie want to prepare i look at those bullet points don't list that possibility or leads us in that direction i don't want to box us in i don't know ap classes will be important on a student transcript they maybe looking at it didn't maybe that much i'm not saying no, but maybe an expansion so it didn't narrow us but we continue to look at maybe those responsibilities i know that in san francisco we have
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such an opportunity because we have so many university colleges here were all right. partners with and want to help us so i've seen so many students i'll be honest that take ap classes the way that ap classes t is in a regular class students that take those and don't pass it and feel like they've failed in some way and no college credit at all so i think instead of it being a maybe and hinge on one test they could give the counts and take the class and pass it that will give them a leg up if we could add something a word or phrase or bullet
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pointed we've explore the opportunity for high schoolers to get the pain and suffering with the university and colleagues if that wouldn't be too much of a stretch. >> commissioner fewer can you state that once again and the authors. >> i hope i can i was going to say add a bullet point when it says we'll explore our students have an opportunity to participate in concurrent enrollment opportunity with colleges and universities that san francisco unified school district has partnerships with. >> does that seem an okay thing and i don't know what let's word insight that i'll defer you to you guys are the experts i basically know nothing about
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computer science i can barely turn on my laptop i feel we're coffer all the base. >> explore the collaboration to offer dual enrollment options does that capture. >> sure. >> explore the collaborations. >> excuse me. minding improper the opportunity for ask the to participate in those classes you mention what i mean and dr. murase. >> i actually like the more general phrasing we had at the beginning commissioner fewer as proposed if that's okay with the authors the reds i think that is important for the commissioners to know we're graej in a yearlong process if in the high
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school computer sciences class and the scope of second is exploring the question that commissioner fewer has already asked which is including all of the options for dual enrollment so the more general we can keep the resolution we'll come back to the board with the analysis of that scope and consequence and audit and tell you how we'll perform. >> this shouldn't be you take the class and then an ap class if you choose to take that or if you choose to take. it creates a variability and about our students entrance and being able to offer a larger variety but options that have different opportunities for the students. >> there's a proposal for an amendment to explore the collaborations with congests
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e.r. colleges is that and i awe that memorable. >> those are perfectly fine. >> we have so much respect for our colleagues (laughter). >> and that's mature. >> i'm fine with the language all right. it's been amended with an additional bullet point with dual options the next speakers a commissioner wynns and commissioner norton. >> thank you so i still have questions that i had when we looked at this before and as a committee review so one of my questions is so - here we are we - i'd like someone to tell me have we made progress or paying attention to the idea to map out the thing we're tell people to
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do in high schools and figure out how to do them all before we pass after all those so for i've gotten no indication there is progress on that front except for in the general when i've asked that oh yes we're going to work on that is anybody working on that. >> yes. commissioner we're working on that and there's a school redesign project that is launching to look at the portfolios so ucsf we have a very, very diverse portfolio in our high schools small schools and large schools and specialized schools and specialized strand in addition the board had passed a number of resolutions that clearly define
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what the high school subsequence is for students and some restricted it we're looking at the matrix to determine how that plays out with all all the resolutions proposed and adapted with that said the subsequence we have laid out and were laid out in the committee to the board clearly played out a pre k subsequence we're starting conservatively bringing before the implemented assessment the third thing is vision 2024 clearly latest out a space time and curriculum for us to computer science as integrated into mathematics that's how we look at this curriculum stwrand
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we're on point and that work is being done. >> i hope while in developmental stage i'd like somebody when we can look at it i'd like some body at sometime to give us a - i hope when we see something here's all the policies we're trying to comply with and here's where there are barriers so one ever my questions has been and will be here we've passed commissioner vice president haney just left we passed a policy we were going to make ap classes available in every school every high school and then we actually made am